Builderall Vs Kartra (We Have A Winner)

When it comes to Builderall vs Kartra there is one thing I know:

They both make for a good choice.

  • But what’s the best option?
  • And what’s going to help you build and grow faster?

Let’s take a look at what each tool has to offer and find out.

Builderall Vs Kartra

builderall vs kartra

I’m going to start by highlighting the best parts of each tool…

Which will allow you to decide what’s going to be the best for you?

Let’s start with Builderall.


Just in case you’re not familiar with Builderall…

They are software that gives you all the tools you need to grow your online business.

They truly do give you all the tools you could ask for, too…

There’s no denying that.

They come with two price points which include:

  • $29.90 per month.
  • $69.90 per month.

And when it comes to getting started with Builderall:

And they also come with a free trial…


Let’s move on to some of its key features.

The Perks Of Builderall

Do you want a helpful feature?

The chances are that Builderall’s got it.

Here is a long list of only some of what comes along with Builderall:

  • Built-in CRM.
  • AB split testing.
  • Unlimited leads.
  • Checkout pages.
  • Canvas funnel builder.
  • eCommerce site builder.
  • Create membership sites.
  • Drag and drop site builder.
  • Connect up to 15 domains.
  • Facebook messenger chatbot.
  • Webinar and streaming platform.
  • Unlimited pages and subdomains.
  • Over 1,000 professional templates.
  • Ability to share websites and funnels.

And a TON more.


Builderall certainly excels when it comes to serving many features?

But is that their gift or curse?

Be sure to keep reading to find out.

Here is a video that goes over some of them for you:

Or you can read the related post down below:

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Now let’s move onto Kartra and see what they have to offer.


kartra vs builderall

Kartra’s tagline is:

Your online business made easy.

They certainly hit the nail on the head when it comes to that!

Here is what they offer in terms of pricing (for the first few plans):

  • $99 per month.
  • $199 per month.
  • $299 per month.

They also come along with a fourteen-day trial which only costs one dollar.


Let’s take a look at what Kartra has to offer.

The Perks Of Kartra

You can expect Kartra to pack a features-punch…

Especially for the fact that they are also an all-in-one tool too.

Here are a few:

  • Mail.
  • Leads.
  • Pages.
  • Forms.
  • Agency.
  • Affiliates.
  • Calendars.
  • Helpdesks.
  • Memberships.
  • Video hosting.
  • Secure checkouts.
  • Funnels and campaigns.

And so on and so forth.

Here is a solid Kartra review if you’d like to see them in action:

So now that you have a good idea of what each platform can do…

Let’s move onto the conclusion of this post.

Builderall Vs Kartra Winner

So Builderall has more features than Kartra: A TON more.

However, their biggest strength is also their biggest weakness.

With so many features that accommodate Builderall…

It’s hard to put a big emphasis on only a few of them.

And because of that?

It’s not as simple (as Kartra) to get up and running with the tool.

So if I HAD to choose between two of these tools?

versus kartra

It’s based on two things:

  1. They are more effective…
  2. And that lowers the learning curve and allows you to get up and running faster.

Builderall is still a stellar choice…

But Kartra takes the caked by a point or two.


Here are the links where you can try both of these tools out.

That way you’ll know yourself which one is going to be better for you:

And that should do it.

Thank you for stopping by and expressing interest in the Kartra vs Builderall battle…

And I hope that you enjoy your software (regardless of which one you choose).