Builderall Affiliate | What’s It About?

I’m pretty excited that you’ve been looking for more info about this topic…

Because in my honest opinion?

The Builderall affiliate program is one of my favorite features of the software.

Now let’s get right on into it…

So I can share with you why it’s such a powerful affiliate system.

Builderall Affiliate

So what is their affiliate program?

First and foremost.

It’s a feature that ONLY comes by paying an annual fee (details here).

Not only is it like a business in a box…

It’s also a proven solution for earning recurring income by promoting Builderall as an affiliate.

Sounds pretty cool right?

Let’s dive a little deeper into the benefits.

But before we do?

Here is the video version of this post (in case you’re a visual person).

Continuing on now.

100% Commissions?

It might sound hard to believe at first…

But Builderall does, in fact, give you 100% commissions on every new sale that you make.

leveraged affiliate program

Here is how the payout structure works:

  • You get 100% commissions on every new customer you bring then and then…
  • You get 30% commissions for every month the customer remains active.

And it gets even better too…

Because there’s one more great way to earn through the leveraged affiliate system.

Tier 2 Commissions

Builderall also pays out tier 2 commissions.

Let’s say that you refer someone named Andrea to Builderall…

So here is an example of how the scenario can work:

  1. Andrea brings in customers where she gets 100% commissions on month one and then…
  2. BOTH of you get 30% commissions for every month the customer remains active.

Do you see how powerful that can be?

You would pretty much be getting paid for the efforts that Andrea put in.

And in case you were asking this question…

Is Builderall An MLM?

This question comes up mostly because of their 2 tier commissions.

Here is a tidbit from a short video…

Which pretty quickly explains why Builderall is not, in fact, MLM.

Builderall at times may look like an MLM, but Builderall is not an MLM. That’s because with Builderall, there are only 2 levels of affiliate compensation. Therefore, the emphasis is not on getting a lot of people, but getting the right people.


If you’d like more information when it comes to the 2 tier program…

Or you can click the play button down below to watch the video.

Alright next up.

New Car Program

So when you get 100 active customers as an affiliate…

Builderall is going to send you a $500 check every month (so you can get the car you want).

And once you reach 200 active customers as an affiliate and they remain active?

They are going to bump that up to a $1,000 check every single month.

Here is a video in case you’d like more information about the car program:

Oh and keep in mind…

All of these perks come along with being a Builderall affiliate.

Let’s move onto another great feature.

Simple Payouts

There’s plenty of affiliate marketing programs out there…

And what they’ll do is make you dance around to get your commissions paid out.

Not with Builderall.

Once you have all of your payment information set up?

You can request a payment at any time and you will be paid out on the next Thursday.

Note: You would get paid on a Thursday if you chose PayPal…

As a check would take much longer for you to obtain (since it’s through the mail).

Here is an example of what it looks like for a withdrawal request of $995.32.

It’s a very simple process…

And that’s how most affiliate programs should be.

Let’s look at one more great benefit.

Recurring Monthly Income

Many people forget about this…

But there is nothing better than making passive income month in and month out.

That’s what Builderall allows you to do.

Seeing that their software is paid on a monthly basis…

You keep getting paid as long as your customers continue to stay on board.

Every time a customer pays?

  • You earn a commission.

After you make the initial sale?

  • You’ll get monthly residuals every time your customers pay their monthly fee.

This allows you to grow your profits even if you make the same amount of sales each month.

Not bad right?

And make sure you get started today…

Because you’ll also be rewarded handsomely for doing so.

Get Rewarded

Most people refer to this as bonuses…

And I often refer to it as getting rewarded (same difference).

But when you get started with the Builderall Premium plan today?

You’re going to be getting these bonuses (AKA rewards) from me as well:

  • Full course on affiliate marketing in any niche using Builderall tools.
  • Full course on promoting Builderall to build up recurring income.
  • Weekly live streams with one of the top Builderall earners.
  • Done for you funnels, emails, and prospecting scripts.

So here is how to get started:

Or you can click the big orange down below to get to the same page.

Click Here And Get Started With Builderall

And one more friendly reminder.

Make sure it’s the Builderall Business plan.

And then after you get started?

  • Email me: and let me know the email you signed up with.

I will the confirm your purchase and then send you your bonuses.

And that should just about do it.

Let’s wrap things up now.

Affiliate Program Wrap Up

So it’s now pretty easy to see why this program is worth investing in.

  • Yes, you need to pay to use Builderall…
  • And yes, you have to pay another fee to be an affiliate…

But this will naturally remove most of the competition from promoting it.

It happens all the time.

People won’t promote something because they have to pay to do it.

Don’t be one of those people.


Thanks for stopping by and reading more about what their program has to offer.

Here is the information once more when it comes to getting started:

Or you can click the big orange down below to achieve the same result.

Click Here And Get Started With Builderall

And then after you get started?

  • Email me: and let me know the email you signed up with.

And I will then send you your bonuses.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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